My artwork is a synthesis of the interaction between the elements of air, water, and land. My aim is to depict metaphorical landscapes that shift between reality and fantasy. I am not interested in the representation of realistic images in a particular place, therefore I work towards recreating the essence of the transitory landscape. Working from memory, my ideas usually come from places that surround me as well as imaginary thoughts from films, photographs, or sensations. For me, the landscape theme becomes an excuse for creating images that are set in my mind, which are a summary of my memories and my own perception. My artwork tends to be influenced by contemporary Chinese and Japanese painters as well as calligraphers in Eastern art. Western watercolour painters also inspire me to recreate the landscape. I work intuitively and spontaneously, experimenting with watercolour and ink. It is only through these techniques that I can achieve the subtleness and the atmospheric effect I am interested in.

Susana García Espinosa Copyright ©2012